Advocare’s founder, Shaunita Rhone came into our lives at the perfect time through her professional relationship with my sister-in-law, who is a Social Worker. My mother and her husband are both in their 80s and are struggling with doing basic self-care needed at home. Their financials do not allow for independent hiring of people to just come in and assist with the needs they have – yet they still needed help.

My siblings and I all work full time and were looking for assistance to help figure out what options were available. Shaunita initially spent much time discussing options with me one on one. We then had a family zoom meeting to bring my siblings together to discuss their thoughts so she could better facilitate the conversation we would then have with Mom.

We were able to come up with a tentative plan for a discussion that would help balance Mom and her husband’s medical needs and financial capabilities while respecting and supporting their personal wishes.

When the conversations with Mom began, Shaunita’s sensitivity to my Mother’s desire for independence and to make her own decisions was handled beautifully. She included my Mom on every facet of the conversation ensuring she understood what options were available and that no decision would be made without her consent.

Typically, these types of discussions are most difficult for families. Having a compassionate, patient and loving individual to assist as a third party to clearly lay out options without all the emotional baggage attached is a priceless gift that Advocare is able to provide.

Advocare is able and willing to do as little as needed – such as educating the family on what is available all the way to coordinating all the paperwork and supporting documentation needed to gain the care that has been agreed to. They are also willing to come in and do more. For our family, at this time, educating us on what was available and how to move forward was what we needed most.

I know this process is just the beginning of our time working with Shaunita and Advocare. As things progress and Mom and her husband require more support, I will turn to Shaunita once again to get updated guidance on what our next set of options are.

If you are in a position where you don’t know what to do – or simply need help figuring out how to help someone you love – reach out to Shaunita and Advocare – you will be blessed beyond measure and be provided with clear options that provide tangible results.

Kim Valentine